Fall 2022-2023 Trends: June Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market

Posted by Dallas Market Center on February 22, 2022

From lounge-worthy familiarity to warm sensibility, fall apparel trends invite us to escape reality and create seclusion, whether that be staying indoors or exploring out. Wardrobes reflect a shift towards elevated comfort, embodied by knit dressing and lofty textures. With elements, wilderness and coziness all serving as inspiration, you'll find a product assortment heavy on outerwear and relaxed shapes with comforting fabrics. 


Head to WTC 14 to discover untapped statement pieces from this emerging trend and look out for the upcoming issue of SPARK to see more.

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Image 1: Jacket -  Juan Antonio (WTC 14399), Dress - Double T Sales (WTC 14389), Plaid Front Shirt - Hooey (WTC 14745)

Image 2: Hat - Resistol (WTC 14547), Beanie & Hoodie - Ariat (WTC 14727), Shawl & Pants - Tasha Polizzi (WTC 14387)

Image 3: Jacket - Hooey (WTC 14745), Sweater - Striegel Sales (WTC 15696)

Natural, earthy tones arise as elements are an influence in upcoming fall trends that encourage us to embrace our natural surroundings. 


From woolen flannel, cozy shearling and rustic marled knit to waxed canvas and cable knit, comforting fabrics and textures provide elevated comfort inspired by our cozy natural surroundings. 


Upcoming Fall trends provide patterns with true escape to seclusion through rustic argyle, layered color-block, brushed plaids, and other cozy traditions and timeless staples.


The focus on outerwear brings details such as quilted attributes, fur trim, sweater fringe, and patchwork. Flap pockets, drawstring closures and self belts will also be popular as utility is factored in. 


Source: Fashion Snoops