What's Trending in Tack

Posted by Dallas Market Center on March 12, 2020


Discover innovative products that solve a need and offer your customer a safer and smarter ride. Take a look at top product categories taking it to the next level. 

REDINGOTE - Coveralls


REDINGOTE introduces a new specialty piece of outerwear to the equestrian performance apparel space. For the first time, riders have access to a fashionable and feminine piece of outerwear that keeps them warm from head to toe. The premium quality and design offer riders unlimited functionality in all settings from long barn days to elite horse shows.

--It's waterproof, breathable, and insulated from head to toe, with a fit designed to layer over any standard riding or show outfit.

--The double storm flap over the zipper not only blocks wind and water, but is secured by magnets instead of Velcro. So you don’t have to worry about it sticking to everything else you’re wearing while suiting up.

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BOOMA REIN - Safety Reins


This flexible rein tether keeps your reins connected to the saddle. 

All riders fear losing their reins and losing control of their horse. 

That’s why Molly Dickinson created BOOMA, the flexible rein keeper that tethers your reins to the pommel/swell on the saddle, so no matter what, they’re always within reach. And, BOOMA can’t slip over the head of the horse.

BOOMA is made of a flexible material, so the horse can lower its head to eat or drink without restriction.

And, BOOMA is adjustable, so it will fit any horse and accommodate any rider.

Made of a durable and waterproof polypropylene, BOOMA attaches with a carabiner O-ring (included) for trail riding, training or everyday riding or directly to the rein for calf roping, barrel racing, and other high-intensity riding.



HELITE - Equestrian Air Bags

A show coat with the added protection of an airbag. 

Riders need top class protection to keep them safe if they suffer a fall. 

Helite developed equestrian-wear with airbag protection to help prevent injury.

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