Smart Home Technology and the Consumer

Posted by Dallas Market Center on May 25, 2017

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Like communication and transportation, our homes are going through a technological rebirth. Instead of locking a door manually, you can lock your doors from 10 miles down the road on your phone. Rather than controlling you’re A/C from a panel on your wall, you can adjust the temperature from an app. Instead of turning your lights on and off via a traditional switch, you can do it from your smart watch.

Everything is going digital – including homes.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET did a recent study about the growing interest and benefits of smart home technology where they gained insight about the positive aspects of the smart home revolution and the adoption of this trend.

Connected and smart lighting within the home represents an important part of this revolution. Thanks to LED, we have more control over the lighting in our environments than ever before. This has encouraged greater insight into the non-visual benefits of lighting and its effect on our health, sleep and well-being. Combine that with hubs that enable features like temperature control and home security, and lighting becomes far more than a source of illumination.

During June Lightovation, Dallas International Lighting Show, there is an entire day of programming dedicated to connected lighting and smart home featuring seminars and educational panels on Thursday, June 22. Kicking off that Lightovation Speaker Series: Smart/Connected Lighting, Deborah Lace of Coldwell Banker, Apex will present the groundbreaking Coldwell Banker/CNET consumer survey on smart home adoption at 10 AM in TM 4804, the Light + Technology showroom. You can find out who is buying smart home products, how they are controlling them, and the most valued benefits of those technologies.

Click here for the full list of events at Lightovation, June 21-24, and click here to read more about the Lightovation Speaker Series: Smart/Connected Lighting on June 22.



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