Shop Kids For Cross-Category Sales

Posted by Dallas Market Center on July 21, 2017

DMC_kids_fashion_20164916 ALEX AND CHARLOTTE_Look7.jpg

It goes without saying that crossover buying is a must in retail today. Between apparel, accessories, gift products, and home accents, there are various ways for retailers to diversify their product mix. But Dallas Market Center offers a unique take on these resources – children’s products.

Dallas KidsWorld Market is the most comprehensive market for children’s product in the nation. The demand for children’s clothing, accessories, and gift product is growing rapidly; even in times of economic uncertainty, parents are willing to buy for their babies and children. With this in mind, retailers will flock to the 8th floor of the World Trade Center to source the latest in baby, children’s, and juvenile products including apparel and fashion accessories, shoes, gifts, toys, décor, textiles, and more.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get ahead of your competition and offer something other stores aren’t.

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