Rawlins’ Tip: Focus on Affordable Impulse-Purchase Designer Jewelry

Posted by Dallas Market Center on June 5, 2017

Retail guru, Rawlins Gilliland, will share his vast expertise during Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, June 21-27. His legendary guided walking tours are retailer-focused, providing tips and trends to help store owners make sales and gain loyal customers. Check out Rawlins’ tips below for a preview of what you will learn about during June Total Home & Gift Market.

Contributed post from Rawlins Gilliland:

One thing I look for before each market, independently prepping for my Discovery Tours that showcase items and lines I believe will sell, is crossover accessories that can be great in stores more geared to home décor and gifts.  

In January, I sourced the World Trade Center 7th  floor accordingly and was very impressed with how many unique giftable jewelry items those showrooms offer. This floor is about equally what we call ‘precious gems’ and fashion jewelry, both trend driven and moderate investment. I sourced the latter.

Per usual, the minimum order required is always on my radar and at JD English Jewelers, WTC 7527, I found there is NO minimum order. Period. Feel free to cheer.

Patriotic is in so why not cash in on Uncle Sam? I loved their USA flag cufflinks made of coral, lapis and mother of pearl set in sterling for $138. I was also taken with their sterling and star-shaped fresh water pearl 16” necklaces that go for $65. 

I don’t want to know what those oysters have to say about those forms inserted inside their shell but the end result pearl star will make any woman shine and you may even twinkle ringing up the sale.      

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