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Posted by Dallas Market Center on September 13, 2017

Every June, Lightovation invites top retail sales floor personnel who have never been to Lightovation to experience the largest residential lighting market in North America. Aside from rewarding hardworking and talented showroom employees, the Light Stars program enhances the perspective of the next generation of lighting retailing by exposing them to educational opportunities, display inspiration, and a high level of engagement with product introductions. 

Hear about one Light Stars’ Lightovation experience below and be sure to nominate an individual for the June 2018 Light Stars program by clicking here. 


A Q&A with Light Star, Leigh Black of Mayer Lighting Showroom:

What was your overall impression of Lightovation?

Lightovation was overwhelming in the most positive way possible. I have access to a limited selection of these fixtures on a daily basis at my showroom, but seeing each and every fixture in person – not in a catalog – was mind-boggling. What an awesome opportunity! 

What surprised you the most about Lightovation?

The enormity of the whole market experience really surprised me. There is so much to look at in each showroom. It’s neat to be able to see and touch the fixtures in real life versus looking at them via a catalog, as proportion, scale, and texture aren’t always easily perceived on paper.

What was your favorite seminar/event you attended?

I was able to attend a portion of the Smart Home seminar, and it is fascinating to learn about the “smart” updates you can make throughout your home through lighting.

What was your favorite showroom you visited?

I really enjoyed Hinkley’s showroom. Hinkley has an impressive display of all of their lighting, but especially their landscape and exterior lighting. They create such a chic atmosphere in their showroom.

Did you learn anything new?

I learned a lot about the ordering process – one special feature, in particular. Attendees are able to curate a wish list in each showroom of fixtures that catch their eye. After market, they can then review the list from his or her office to determine which ones they would like to order. I have a new respect for buyers who have to make final selections on what to buy!

What new products did you discover?

I enjoyed seeing each manufacturer’s finishes in person. This year especially, I was jazzed to see more antique brass and acrylic fixtures. I love a mixture of the two on one fixture.

Lightovation is a great opportunity for industry networking with peers, leaders, and industry influencers. Who did you meet or connect with during Lightovation?

I connected with lighting reps from different parts of the country through reps I already had relationships with before attending Lightovation. I also met reps with whom I speak on the phone but do not regularly get to see, so Lightovation was a fantastic opportunity to put a face with a name/voice!

Do you have any takeaways from the event that will help influence your job and knowledge of the industry?

Definitely. Attending Lightovation helped expand my product knowledge and gave me the opportunity to see fixtures in person finally. This was huge in terms of helping me perceive which fixtures looked as they appeared in their catalog photos – or not, which helps me better assist my clients in searching for the perfect light.

Why would you recommend someone attend Lightovation?

I would recommend anyone who works with lighting on any basis attend Lightovation. It energized me and significantly added to my lighting and product knowledge. I returned to my showroom with a new enthusiasm, and ready to discuss all the fabulous fixtures I had seen! 

Most importantly, will you be back?!

Of course! I am truly passionate about lighting. I am excited about the opportunities in the future to further expand my knowledge, as well as network with others who share my same affinity for lighting.

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