Attending Market Safely

Posted by Dallas Market Center on March 2, 2021


Attending Market Safely

Dallas Market Center is committed to balancing good health with good business. As you plan your next trip to our marketplace, we've gathered important updates and guidelines below including on-site measures, registration information, travel tips, dining options and more. Our comprehensive Health & Safety plan, including specific protocols and guidelines for visitors, exhibitors, and employees is located here.

The Texas Governor announced changes to business operations across the state effective March 10. However, we will maintain our face covering requirement, temperature checks, and social distancing. See below for details and rest assured that we are creating the safest possible experience. 

Along with our guidelines, there are safety measures that are part of the natural design of our marketplace: open parking, large entryways, quick registration in multiple areas, wide hallways, multiple escalators to all floors, and showrooms with controlled access to allow for the appropriate distance between customers. 

While on campus, everyone should follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control regarding good hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing. Those details are available here. And note that showrooms are expected to follow the County order for face coverings, to have hand sanitizer visible and functional; and to wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial cleaner regularly.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


For Buyers
Mask Up. Temperature Scanning. Social Distancing. Here's what you can do.

  1. Medical masks or face coverings are required. These masks or coverings must be worn at all times throughout the building except while eating in designated locations. If a buyer arrives without a mask, they will be issued one by DMC. Customers without face covering will not be granted access. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth.
  2. Every person entering the buildings will be temperature screened once a day for an elevated temperature. Available entrances will include World Trade Center front, garage, and Dock 1; Trade Mart front and West entrance; and IHDC front entrance. Once inside, each person will be quickly temperature checked each day--this includes showroom personnel, buyers, staff, and contractors. Each person will receive a colored sticker in order to proceed into the marketplace. Anyone with a temperature above 100 will be escorted to a waiting area and screened a second time. Anyone with a consistently elevated temperature will not be allowed into the marketplace.
  3. Anyone who has been in contact with anyone ill in the last 14 days, who is feeling ill themselves, or who has symptoms outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services should not enter Dallas Market Center. Details on symptoms are available here.
  4. Social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced including the following:
    1. No gatherings in hallways or common areas;
    2. Observe a six-foot distance between yourself and others, even inside showrooms;
    3. Respect social distancing in restrooms;
    4. Elevators are limited to a maximum of two people at a time;
    5. Escalators should be used with 3 escalator steps between each person.
  5. Please wash hands frequently and/or use one of the more than 100 hand sanitizer stations through the marketplace.
  6. Food service is available via multiple outlets for sit-down meals or to-go. Please check the DMC website or app for details under each market.
  7. Shuttles are not available during March Markets. For rideshare options with discounts please check the DMC website under each market page.
  8. Valet is available including during the March Markets. 



For Exhibitors
Mask Up. Post Signs. Monitor Occupancy. Here's what you should do.



All DMC exhibitors are expected to show leadership and sensitivity as they welcome buyers into their showrooms. For the complete Health & Safety plan visit this page. Please direct your questions to Helen Smith, Senior Director of Exhibitor Communications, at

  1. For quick, low-contact entry into the marketplace, please encourage buyers to pre-register via the Dallas Market Center website and receive their FastPass. The FastPass, delivered via email, allows buyers to scan, print, and enter the market from any registration desk.
  2. Medical masks or face coverings are required for entry to the marketplace. Masks or coverings must be worn at all times except while eating in designated locations. If a buyer arrives without a mask, you are expected to ask them to wear one and encouraged to provide one if they do not have one. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth.
  3. Social distancing must be observed in showrooms. Please observe a six-foot distance between yourself and others at all times. In order to maintain social distancing and to make guests feel more comfortable, exhibitors are encouraged to re-configure moveable design elements of their spaces to allow for a 6-foot space between people. Chairs and tables, for example, should have a clear distance.
  4. All exhibitors will be temperature checked as part of the entry process each day. Likewise, they are highly encouraged to self-screen for signs and symptoms of illness as outlined by the Texas Department of State Health. Those guidelines are available here: Likewise, they are encouraged to health screen all employees—full-time and temporary.
  5. If a buyer refuses to wear a mask and/or socially distance themselves you are encouraged to ask them to leave. You may also contact Protective Services directly at 214-655-6166.
  6. Please wash hands frequently and/or use one of the more than 100 hand sanitizer stations throughout the marketplace
  7. Clear communication to buyers of showroom expectations and policies regarding health and safety, as well as normal business practices such as hours of operation, are critically important. Therefore exhibitors are requested to post their policies to their front doors as well as include information in their pre-market communications to customers. A number of sign templates are available here:
  8. Per state order, occupancy is 100% as of March 10.
  9. Hospitality is an important element in the customer service experience in Dallas. However, current health concerns warrant a temporary change to how showrooms entertain guests. We are highly encouraging the following within your exhibit spaces:
    1. Eliminate self-service food and beverage options and coffee service; instead, offer individual sealed drinks or offer service via a designated person or contracted provider.
    2. Offer individually packaged items in containers or sealed wrapping.
    3. Restrict the use of cloth table coverings in favor of hard surfaces that may be more easily cleaned.
    4. Do not hold food service events or happy hour type cocktail events where guests could gather.
    5. Encourage buyers to use a location inside the showroom or a nearby common area that offers appropriate distance from others when eating or resting.
    6. Levy is the food service partner for Dallas Market Center and is developing individually packaged options for showrooms. Please contact them directly at 214-749-5493.
    7. A list of approved outside caterers is available via the website: 
    8. Shuttles will not be running during March Markets. Please encourage buyers to drive themselves or use rideshare options like Uber, Lyft or the local company Alto.
  10. Valet is available including during the March Markets.
  11. Please see below for travel updates including state-by-state requirements as well as airline and hotel protocols.
  12. If you learn of a customer who has contracted COVID-19 and who came in contact with your showroom personnel and/or other customers please immediately enact contact tracing protocols as outlined by the CDC:
  13. If you or a customer would like to find a nearby COVID-19 testing location, please refer to the following list provided by the Texas Department of Emergency Management:




Steps DMC is Taking
Washing and Cleaning. Face Coverings. Helping With Quicker Entry. Here's what we are doing.

  1. All DMC staff will wear a protective mask or a face covering.
  2. All DMC staff will be temperature checked daily and will be regularly screened for signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 and will be sent home for quarantine if exhibiting any symptoms.
  3. Staff entering the facility will wash hands and/or sanitize hands.
  4. The buildings will maintain daily enhanced cleaning and maintain hand sanitizer stations including at registration areas. Hard surfaces will be cleaned with hospital-grade cleaners with special attention to doorways and doorknobs, counters, elevators and elevator buttons, floor-by-floor handrails and escalator handrails.
  5. All staff will observe social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  6. Registration will be low-contact including "scan, print, and go" methods for buyers who have pre-registered and received a FastPass.
  7. We will not offer shuttles for the time being.
  8. Valet is available including during the March Markets.
  9. There will be no large special events where customers might gather although socially distanced hospitality services such as to-go coffee and wine bars may continue.


The FastPass: Get In Quick
For low-contact, quicker entry, the FastPass is your best option. By visiting and letting us know which market you are planning to attend, we will instantly send a FastPass via email. Once you arrive at market, simply show us your FastPass email (printed or on your mobile device), we will scan it, and your badge will print automatically. It's that easy.


21Jan_Blog_PlanAheadSafely_Travel_300x300Travel Guidelines and On-site Testing
These guidelines have been gathered by Dallas Market Center's travel division, Market Travel (214.744.7444, Only Market Travel offers complete travel planning for your journey including partner hotels with special rates and airline discounts.

On-site Testing Available During March Markets

DMC has partnered with Kai Medical Laboratory to provide on-site concierge testing for COVID-19. The location is WTC 170, on the first floor of the World Trade Center. The testing is a PCR test with results in 24 hours--the type of test most often required for travelers. Hours of testing are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a cost for this service--just as if you went to an outside clinic. Details are available via Kai's  COVID-19 testing page.

Travel Restrictions State By State

We want to help you keep track of the rapidly changing rules and guidelines for travel. Many states are updating their procedures weekly, including "testing out" of 14-day quarantines when you return home, for example. CNN has compiled a list of each state's guidelines, available right here. Check it out before you book travel to Dallas.

Hotel Updates: health & safety details from select partner hotels. For more complete information contact Market Travel

Hilton Anatole: mask required. no valet. no shuttle. mobile check-in available. restaurant open. no room service. room cleaning by request. gym open. 

Holiday Inn Market Center: mask required. no valet. no shuttle. mobile check-in available. restaurant closed. no room service. room cleaning by request. gym open. 

Renaissance Dallas: mask required. valet available Fri-Sun. no shuttle. mobile check-in available. restaurant open. room service available for breakfast only. room cleaning by request. gym open. 

Sheraton Dallas Hotel: mask required. valet available. no shuttle. mobile check-in available. restaurant open. room service available. room cleaning pre-arrival and post check-out or by request. gym open. 

Sheraton Suites Market Center: mask required. no valet. no shuttle. mobile check-in available. restaurant open with limited menu. no room service. room cleaning by request. gym open. 

Airlines Updates: health and safety links for major airlines

Airlines including American Airlines are promoting testing prior to travel including home testing with a 48-hour turnaround. Details on this American Airlines program are available here.

American Airlines: details available here on American's Clean Commitment.

Delta Airlines: details available here on Delta CareStandard.

Southwest Airlines: details available here on Southwest's operational details and cleaning process.

United Airlines: details available here on What To Expect.

Rideshare Options

There are currently no shuttles operating at Dallas Market Center; so either plan to drive in to market and park at one of our 8,000 free parking spaces or take advantage of rideshare options. We've worked with several services to offer exclusive deals for market guests. A complete overview is available here

Alto: Visit the website of this Dallas-based company for details on their Clean Safe Rides. Then use Code: DALLASMARKET for a 30% discount on each ride valid March 22-26. 

Uber: Details on passenger safety are available here. Receive $2.00 off your Uber ride every day in and out of Market. Valid March 22-26. Claim your voucher.

Lyft: Their commitment to safety is outlined here. They are picking up and dropping off at hotels and market. No discounts available at this time.


21Jan_Blog_PlanAheadSafely_Dining_300x300Dining Options
Whether at market or out on the town, there are important details for enjoying a full plate of options. At market, we will have dining options for sit down and grab-and-go. For up-to-the-minute details, visit the market page for each show, which includes dining information. Outside the market center, local restaurants are open for inside dining and patio service. We have gathered some favorite options in one location so you can plan ahead for bites and drinks. Check it out right here. If you are looking for a list of restaurants that will continue to limit capacity and/or require masks, Eater Dallas is updating a list  including options near the market center.

For Further Information

Centers for Disease Control Website

Texas Health & Human Services

Dallas County COVID-19 Information