Rawlins’ Tip: Sell Them What They Don’t Know They Want

Posted by Dallas Market Center on May 10, 2017

Retail guru and fashion styling extraordinaire, Rawlins Gilliland, will share his expertise during June Apparel & Accessories Market. His guided walking tours are retailer-focused, providing tips and trends to help store owners make sales and gain loyal customers. Check out Rawlins’ tips below for a preview of what you will learn about during June Apparel & Accessories Market.

Contributed post from Rawlins Gilliland:

As I gear up for Dallas Market Center’s upcoming June Apparel & Accessories Market, June 14-17, I have been thinking of how to best appeal to your customer – don’t make her think. Here are some of the trends I feel your customers don’t know they want, but will feel they need:

  • Stripes: stripes of all sorts continue to look fresh. Look for innovative uses of stripes, such as diagonals, to make things even fresher.
  • Prints: the more abstract and colorful, the better. These prints continue to look new and modern.
  • Jeans: trends in denim are evolving into more vintage styles but, yes, slim stretch still reigns supreme.
  • Dresses: asymmetric hems feel very now. Dresses remain a huge opportunity for retailers.
  • Footwear: upcoming trends will include more detailed novelty, athletic styles, and mules. The over the top 5-6” high heel has seen its day. Can I hear an “Amen”?
  • Handbags: go simplistic. Handbags should not be cluttered but still offer a wow factor.

Other items & looks I want you to look for in order to solidify your store’s merchandise assortment include:

  • Jackets: look for “wear-with-anything” jackets such as boleros and cardigans. When paired, these enable you to sell bare dresses for events that require more formality or to assure comfort in air conditioned environments where women freeze if too bare.
  • Wraps: wraps of ALL kinds have great selling potential. Frankly, fake furs that are in chic designs – and preferably colored, like red – will grab attention. Challises for soft dressing to knits and fur trims.  These make a woman capable of handling a 15 degree temperature change and look elegant or hip anywhere they are worn.
  • Dresses: women want comfortable, easy dresses that look simple, but still remain interesting with detail.
  • Color: neutral colors are a must, but look for colored items that are strong but not overbearing. This will give your store depth and interest while attracting a variety of customer.
  • Staples: white shirts that retail under $125 are essential.
  • Accessories:
    • Belts that have a luxury feel. Look for embossed leather or animal print like alligator for a wild and luxurious look.
    • Affordable shoes that have an impulse-purchase allure.
    • Bracelets that are powerful, such as cuffs. Charm bracelets are still trending, but bangles look less new.
    • Architectural earrings that drape or dangle. Copper looks best, but gold or silver are always in style. Earrings are a huge “Now.”

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