FW18: Highlands

Posted by Dallas Market Center on February 12, 2018

Join us March 21-24 for our March Apparel & Accessories Market

Wondering what to expect? Check out one of our favorite fall/winter 2018 trends for March below and see if come to life at Market in trend vignettes, fashion shows, and throughout both temporary and permanent showrooms.

For March Market, we’re drawing inspiration from the Scottish Highlands. Think heavy materials like wool felt and tweed in outdoorsy color palettes with pops of mustard, blush, and blue. Look for capes, blazers, wide-leg pants, and midi skirts with structural details like quilting, bows, and lace-up functionality. And, of course, the Highlands trade mark: plaid.  

Style Guide:


  1. Chiffon
  2. Wool Felt
  3. Tweed


  1. Quilting
  2. Bow
  3. Lace Up

Pattern + Graphics:

  1. Baroque Refresh
  2. Wilting Petals
  3. Celtic 

Key Items:

  1. Power Blazer
  2. Overcoat
  3. Cape
  4. Wide Leg Pants
  5. Bow Blouse
  6. Midi Skirt

See this trend and more at March Apparel & Accessories Market, March 21-24.

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