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Posted by Dallas Market Center on October 9, 2019


2175-70 Peach ParfaitAF-300 Dinner PartyOC-72 Pink Damask

Nobody ever said trying to figure out color trends was going to be easy. With so many studies and reports coming out all the time – many of them conflicting and contradictory – trying to understand what colors are hot and which ones are fading is a tough assignment.

Peach Parfait in room

Yet, for companies in the home furnishings business, including lighting and decorative accessories, it’s invaluable information that you need to have, whether you’re a supplier developing new product or a retailer deciding what to buy.

Two new reports -- one from big paint supplier Benjamin Moore and the other from lifestyle online and print magazine Domino --  may help sort it all out a bit. Taken together, they provide some useful guidelines.

The Benjamin Moore color rankings, as reported by Architectural Digest magazine, paint a vivid picture of color trends. Here are their top 10 best sellers for 2017, the last year that has been compiled: 1. Dinner Party, a rich marsala red (above center and below left); 2. Pink Damask, a pale shade with a hit of blush (above right and below right); 3, Peach Parfait. a delicate orangey-pink (above left and at right); 4. Rich Cream, an almond-tinted neutral; 5. Guildford Green, a moss tone; 6. Palladian Blue, a soft green-blue shade; 7. Lily Lavender, a mid-tone purple; 8. Wrought Iron, a chalky gray; 9. Revere Pewter, a warmer gray; and 10. Shaker Beige, a mid-tone tan.


Dinner Party in room

All manners of white remain popular as well, but these 10 proved to be on-trend for interiors.

Domino took a different tact, polling its readers on Instagram to come up with the most popular colors for living rooms according to city. It may not be as scientific as hard sales numbers, but nonetheless offers real insights into how people are decorating and choosing the home furnishings for their homes.

Pink Damask in room


Here’s what Domino found from coast to coast: New Yorkers are going gray; Boston likes its cream neutral; in Washington it’s all about coral; Pittsburgh goes for a rich forest green; in Chicago, navy blue is a hot choice; in Dallas, light blue remains the top selection; Houston surprises with inky black; Seattle is trending towards dusty rose; Portland likes mint green; Los Angeles homeowners are preferring pink these days; and in San Francisco, it’s good old white.


These selections aren’t necessarily the best sellers, but the trendy shades people are choosing. And speaking of shades, what does all of this mean for the ones that go on top of lamps?

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